Simple, Reliable, Flexible

LN-25X with CrossLinc™ Technology

Full control of your system with no control cables


  • Remotely controls preset voltage without a control cable
  • Industry-proven Maxtrac® Wire Drive System provides reliable feeding and easy changeovers
  • Trigger Interlock switch provides operator comfort over long welds
  • Arc Hour Meter for tracking maintenance and productivity
  • Digital Meters display voltage, currentand wire feed speed

Why LN-25X?

• Reduce job site clutter by removing cumbersome control cables.

• Eliminate unnecessary movement of personnel across the worksite.

•Eliminate the need to drag control cables around the site.
•Full voltage control at the feeder results in the correct settings for every weld.

• Accurately compensate for voltage drop across long cable runs.

• Eliminate unintentional machine adjustments.
• Set up faster with fewer cable connections.

• Eliminate helpers or trips to the power source when making setting adjustments.

• Minimize rework with easy settings adjustment.
• Fully encapsulated and environmentally protected electronics.

• Replaceable flame-resistant case can be installed in under five minutes.


A Rugged Multi-Process Power Source for Maximum Flexibility


  • Desert Duty Rated™ for extreme temperatures up to 55°C
  • VRD® Voltage Reduction Device reduces Open Circuit Voltage for added safety
  • Offered in 4 and 6 pack rack configurations
  • Wide 5-425 amperage range
  • Capable of arc gouging with 4.8 mm carbons
  • “X” = CrossLincTM : you get voltage control at the feeder without an additional control cable.

Why FLEXTEC® 350X ?

• Reduce job site clutter by removing cumbersome control cables.

• Plug in to any 380-600V 3 phase power.

• Easy process selection.
• Compatible with across-the-arc, analog, digital or CrossLinc™ feedersd.

• Premium multi-process arc characteristics work with all DC wire, stick and TIG processes.

• Choice of models to fit any application and budget.

• Lightweight and portable.
• Built on industry proven design elements of other popular Lincoln Electric welders.

• Components designed to run cool for long life in high temperature environments.

• Fully encapsulated and environmentally protected electronics.

• Engineered for outdoor use and harsh environments (IP23)

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